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How does PASS3 works

When you create a PASS3 Account, you can use it as a single sign on to login to multiple websites or applications that use PASS3 authenticator.

By using this access, you will be prompted with the option to allow or deny access to your data from that particular site. PASS3 will then securely share your data only when you explicitly give consent, ensuring total privacy for your data.

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How industries can use PASS3

Financial institutions can use PASS3 to verify the identity of their customers, which can help to prevent fraud and comply with regulations.

Educational institutions can use PASS3 to issue verifiable credentials for students, such as diplomas and transcripts.

Healthcare providers can use PASS3 to share patient data with authorized parties, which can improve the quality of care and reduce costs.

How we collect data
PASS3 Ad Network

The core of identities is data collection.

In order to capture large quantities of consented data efficiently, we've built an advertising solution that prompts users to sign in to our platform and share their data in exchange for flexible rewards that they can offramp to their respective wallets.

Consider this a rewarded ad-network that helps users safeguard their data.

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